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University Guidance

Ready for Life

The University Guidance team helps students discover what post-secondary options are available to them, narrows those options down to a clear post-secondary goal and guides the students through the process of achieving that goal.

Whether it’s helping students prepare for ACTs or SATs, taking part in university fairs or compiling applications, the University Guidance team is there to help students make good choices. And that’s why Stanstead College students are accepted at top universities throughout North America and around the world.

Contact Us

Eryn Hessian, University Guidance Coordinator (819) 876-7891, ext. 233

Keri Reynolds, Assistant Coordinator (819) 876-7891, ext. 290

Donna Richter, University Guidance Administrator (819) 876-7891, ext. 294

Anna Valuev, U.S. College Advisor